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Tennis: How to get started in the sport, and where to buy the right equipment

What is tennis?

Tennis, is a racket sport played on a rectangular court (composed of different surfaces which can be concrete, earth, or grass), bounded by lines and divided by a net. It is played between two players (singles) or between two couples (doubles). The objective of the game is to throw a ball by hitting it with the racket so that it bounces on the other court passing the net within the allowed limits of the opponent’s field, trying to prevent the opponent from returning it to get a second bounce on the ground and therefore a point.


The first references to tennis take place in Germany, called “Palmenspiel” (‘hand-clapping’) because at first the ball was hit with the hand. Later on, golf clubs were used :.

The original tennis was played on natural grass courts.

It originated in Europe at the end of the 18th century and spread initially to English-speaking countries, especially among their upper classes. Today tennis has become universal, and is played in almost every country in the world. Since 1926, with the creation of the first tour, it has been a professional sport. It has also been an Olympic sport since the 1896 Olympic Games in Athens.

Tennis rules


Equipment to play tennis according to your level

Racquets, shoes and balls are the best allies to deploy the best game and win every set.

Winning every game on the tennis court requires skill and the right equipment. There are a number of items that can make a difference in a tennis player’s game such as shoes or balls. All these tools have to be appropriate to the level of each user, so that each player can exploit their game on the court to the fullest. For those who are fond of this sport, we have selected a series of tennis equipment items. So that every tennis player can feel on the court as if he were Rafa Nadal or Novak Djokovic at Roland Garros.



Tennis beginners have to start getting used to handling different strokes before moving on to more advanced and heavy rackets that allow for more power. Wilson’s Roger Federer is a lightweight 309-gram model with a 33-cm center of gravity for comfortable handling when hitting the ball. A high quality graphite frame and stop-shock bearings make this racquet more resistant to impact.

Regular tennis players who are at an intermediate level are beginning to want to develop better hitting techniques. A higher level racquet such as Babolat’s Aero Team Strung NC helps power volleys, lefts and serves. The 100% carbon fiber construction weighs a total of 285 grams and has a headsize of 685 square cm, making this a lightweight racquet with plenty of spin on shots.

The Head Graphene Tuch Radical MP is a racquet designed for the more demanding player who wants to compete at the highest level by giving the best of himself with every shot. The graphite design with Graphene Touch technology provides a firm, vibration-free feel. A dynamic 16/19 string pattern is used to enhance control and spin and improve balance when controlling weight for deep hitting.


Buying a tennis racket that suits you can be complicated due to the wide range of tennis rackets on the market. However, this is a very important decision and not only because an unsuitable racket can harm your game, but also because it can make it easier for you to get injured.

When buying a tennis racket, it is very important that you do not base your choice only on the external appearance of the racket or on the professional player using it. Although it is true that we all like to play with a racket with which we feel aesthetically comfortable, it is necessary to take into account other aspects such as the characteristics and composition of the racket, your type of play, your physical condition, etc.


In order to buy your tennis racket properly, the first thing to do is to know some basics about the characteristics that make one racket different from another.

1. Weight

The heavier the tennis racquets, the more strength is needed to move them, and therefore a longer swing. Heavy tennis rackets generate more power, provide more directional control and transmit less vibration. However, as a counterbalance, they are less manageable. To realize the full benefits of a heavier tennis racquet, the key is to maintain the speed and amplitude of the swing while increasing the weight of the racquet.

Tip: Try to buy the lightest tennis racquet you can move while maintaining the speed and width of your swing.

2. Sieve (head size):

This is the area of the hitting surface. In tennis rackets they range from 600 cm2 / 90 in2 to 780 cm2 / 122 in2. Racquets with a larger area also have a higher sweet spot and therefore allow for more errors. In addition, tennis rackets with a larger frame area will have longer strings that provide a smoother hit as they are able to stretch more. This also provides more power when hitting. However, a larger hitting surface on tennis rackets can have a negative influence on control.

3. Stringing pattern:

This is the number of vertical and horizontal strings that make up the screen of the tennis racket. The pattern will be closed if the space between strings is small (there are more strings) and open if it is large (fewer strings). If the pattern is open, the racquet will generate more power, be able to transmit more spin to the ball and provide a comfortable feeling to the player. However, the control will be greater in closed pattern racquets. When buying tennis racquets, remember that the average life of an open pattern racket is less than that of a closed pattern.

4. Balance:

It is determined by the weight distribution in the tennis rackets. If the balance point is shifted to the opposite end of the handle, the racket is weighted upside down (head racket). Tennis rackets of this type generate more power because there is more mass near the impact zone. The presence of mass will also decrease the shock, transmitting less vibration to the tennis player’s arm. But on the negative side, the head-mounted tennis racket will be less manageable and provide less control. Balance, together with weight, conditions the inertia of the tennis rackets. Two racquets can have identical swingweight despite having very different weights since the inertia can be compensated by the balance of the racquet.

5. Rigidity:

Rigid tennis racquets, in addition to power, provide directional control. However, stiffness is a parameter that will increase the vibrations the racquet transmits to the player’s arm. Very flexible tennis racquets are less powerful because the frame tends to beat backwards at the moment of impact but absorb vibrations better.

Once you know the swing you have, you should buy suitable tennis racquets for it. Racquets can be calcified according to the swing in short, medium and long swing tennis racquets with intermediate points between them.

These are just some general knowledge and recommendations. However, when buying your tennis racket it is advisable to do so in a specialized store where they can advise you properly.



Boomerang commercialized the Narvin tennis shoes, a model for those players who start experimenting with the racket and want a comfortable shoe to give the first strokes without spending too much money. These shoes have a rubber herringbone sole to provide stable grip on various surfaces and an EVA midsole to cushion impacts. A model designed for beginners or regular players who want to have a basic shoe for this sport.

The right tennis shoe can help intermediate and advanced players exploit every facet of their game. Wilson’s Kaos Comp shoe is designed for tennis players who are looking for a fast ride around the court for offensive play. They are lightweight and flexible for ease of movement and have special reinforcement on the sides to ensure stability in lateral movements and strokes.

The advanced and competitive tennis player needs to wear shoes that exploit their virtues and are a plus when playing. These shoes are designed for this type of player who does not want to lose a second in every movement. Their lightweight, foldable rubber lining provides durability and flexibility of movement so that the foot feels comfortable at all times, especially on fast courts.



Head is one of the leading manufacturers of racket sports and its tennis ball models are among the most competitive on the market. They ensure a suitable bounce in different terrains and their encore TM technology guarantees a longer durability than other conventional balls. With this 4-ball package, beginners, intermediate or advanced players will be able to enjoy an intense use of the balls without losing quality.

Tennis balls often lose pressure after repeated use. This affects their bounce and how they react to racket strikes. To increase the durability of the balls and to avoid having to buy new balls regularly, one of the most practical options is to use a pressure pot such as the Pascal Box. With its internationally patented technology it maintains and recovers the pressure of the balls at the regulation level and thus extends the life of the balls for more than 30 games or until they wear out through use. Simply insert the balls into the box so that they acquire the proper pressure and bounce like the first day.

A racket cover is the ideal place to carry the main tool of the game in tennis and keep them protected and clean. Wilson sells an inexpensive and practical case in which to carry your rackets comfortably when you go to practice or play while keeping them safe from scratches. It has a handle and a strap so that each person can carry them in the way that is most comfortable for them.


You must take into account certain details:

  1. Increase self-confidence. Being an individual sport, you know that you are the only one who can save or sink the game, that strengthens your self-esteem, use that when you take a test, do a job interview or defend some argument.
  2. It’s an ageless sport, you can be 7 or 90 years old and still play it, because you adapt the game to your rhythm.
  3. It is not necessary to be in impeccable physical condition, unless you are interested in being the next Serena Williams or the next Roger Federer.
  4. As a precision sport, the mind plays an important role in helping you improve your concentration, so when you sit down to study for Monday’s chemistry test you will fix your mind on the numbers and not on the spider you discovered living on your kitchen roof.
  5. You can start practicing with your partner, mom, brothers and sisters and have fun playing doubles.
  6. Are you a year-round tanning fan? Then this is your chance to sunbathe, yes, to take care of yourself and use sunscreen, respecting the dangerous schedules for exposure.
  7. If you are looking for a sport to obtain a rapid weight loss, this is not the ideal option unless you run all over the court constantly, a situation that is difficult to handle because the points usually do not last more than a few seconds, but during those seconds the activity is completely anaerobic and explosive due to the changes in rhythm, but as in any physical activity you burn calories.

Basic concepts to understand the game

The score in tennis is divided into points, games and sets. When you add up four points, you get one game. The points are counted as follows: 15, 30, 40 and game. In case the players equal 40, they must win two consecutive points to get the game. Then, when a player wins six games, he gets a set. The winner of the match is the one who wins two or three sets, according to the tournament.

Remember to wear the right shoes, our beloved white Converse shoes are very stylish but it is always convenient to look for a shoe that does not damage your foot.

As for the rackets, you don’t need to buy them now, at least not until you know you like the sport, in the meantime the teacher can provide you with one.


Once the basic characteristics of a racquet are known, the characteristics of the player must be known. To know what kind of tennis racket you should buy, the first thing you need to know is your type of swing. The swing is the gesture that the player makes when hitting the ball. This can be classified as a short, medium and long swing, although there are intermediate points. The long swing is typical of professional players, the medium swing of intermediate players and the short swing of beginners, veterans, etc.

What is the best age to start in tennis?

Tennis is one of the most followed and practiced sports around the world, every day there are more children who want to follow in the footsteps of great players like Rafa Nadal or Roger Federer and become the new number 1 of the ATP. But many parents doubt about what is the best age to start in tennis, either for fear of injury, for causing bad experiences that make you do not like, and so on.

But first of all, we have to explain that tennis has great benefits, both physical and psychological, very important for the personal growth of each boy or girl. Training regularly improves physical condition, develops muscles, attention span, motor coordination and even promotes socialization.

As in most sports, there is no exact age to start in tennis. Whether or not a child is ready for tennis lessons depends more on his or her skills, abilities and capabilities than on his or her age.

Many children by the age of 4 already show a fairly advanced motor coordination ability that allows them to begin playing tennis, but it is necessary to take into account that their attention span is not yet very developed.

At this age constant distractions turn tennis lessons into a mere game with rackets and balls.

In these classes, even if they do not serve to perfect their technique, the children will manage to become familiar with the material and the basic ideas of the game. The best thing to do is for the child to use rackets, nets and mini tennis balls in their “training” sessions that are adapted to their physical conditions. In our blog we talk about tennis material for children, including foam balls and smaller nets.

Most experts say that the best age to start in tennis in a more formal way is 5 or 6 years old. By this age, children have developed their psychomotor skills, coordination and attention and are much better able to adapt to the demands of the game.

Thanks to this sport, children will begin to strengthen their speed, agility and reflexes, while toning all the muscles in their body. To avoid injuries and discomfort, it is best to use junior tennis rackets from 5 to 12 years old approximately. These racquets are more ergonomic and lighter than adult ones and allow the child to perform movements and strokes in a more comfortable way.

Whatever the age of the child, both the parents and the training itself must be flexible and adapted to the child’s wishes and abilities, leaving aside any psychological pressure or physical overload. At this age parents should simply aim for their child to have fun and start socializing outside the family environment.

Tennis camps for the little ones

If you want to get your child started in tennis but don’t know how, a summer camp can be a good place to start. Spain or England can be good destinations to combine sport with language learning, although there are also other options in the United States or France for more experienced children.


In Spain, great tennis players have been trained and it is a country with a great tradition in racket sports. Here your child will be able to learn the basics of tennis and start his or her journey with technicians who are very experienced in teaching children. These four different options:

United Kingdom

How about mixing tennis with learning English in the UK itself? This is one of the possibilities that appeals to parents the most, as it can be a great start for children to get a good grounding in English. The different tennis and English camps you can find at Ertheo are

Other countries

For those who prefer different destinations, there are camps in France and the United States, but the two academies we have in these countries are for students with a little more level, are more advisable for children who have already been playing tennis for some time. One of the best schools in Europe is located in France, that of the famous coach Patrick Mouratoglou, who is coaching Serena Williams at her best. The academy bears his own name and has facilities that were renovated a few months ago.

On the other hand, for those who prefer to approach the world of sports in the United States, the IMG Academy offers a complete program of languages and sports, with facilities of great magnitude that almost no other school can match.

If you are looking for exercises for children who are starting out in tennis, you don’t have to look any further. In our blog you have a post with fun games for the little ones who have only been holding a racket for a short time, so they will see this sport much more fun.