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Sneakers: The best websites to buy them + tips

Sports shoes (also called sneakers) are the type of footwear primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise, but are now also widely used for everyday use. The term generally describes a type of footwear with a flexible sole made of rubber or synthetic material and an upper made of leather, fabric or synthetic substitutes.

The term sport shoes is typically used for shoes used for jogging or road racing and indoor sports such as basketball, but tends to exclude footwear used in grass sports such as football and rugby, which is generally known as boots.

The attributes of a sports shoe include a flexible sole, appropriate tread pattern, and ability to absorb impacts. As the industry and designs have expanded, the term ”sneakers” is based more on the design of the bottom of the shoe than on the aesthetics of the top. Today the designs include sandals, Mary Janes, and even elevated styles suitable for running, dancing and jumping.

The shoes are made of flexible compounds, typically featuring a unique sole made of dense rubber. While the original design was basic, manufacturers have since adapted the shoes for more specific uses. An example of this is the spiked shoe developed for track racing. Some of these shoes are made in unusually large sizes for athletes with large feet.

History of Running Shoes


A long time ago, in 8,000 B.C., shoes were made only of wood. As early as 3,000 BC, they were made of leather.

Then in 300 B.C. the Greeks and Romans began to use different types of shoes, the variety in shoes began to exist, at that time shoes were still designed for everyday use only, with leather and wooden soles.

In 1852 they began to create shoes specifically for running, made of leather, with a strong sole of this same material. They had nails in their soles, called spikes, so they offered a better grip, this model was used for five decades.

Then came the famous Keds, made with a rubber and fabric sole, Goodyear produced the footwear that is considered the father of today’s famous Converse All-Stars, had rubber soles, flat, very light and flexible, very practical and useful for any occasion.

Types according to the sport

Things to know before buying a pair of sneakers


When you buy a pair of trainers, it is common to start by being completely convinced and, as you roll around in them, to start realizing those inconveniences that you didn’t see at first. So that this doesn’t happen next time, we have compiled a series of tips that you would have liked to know before buying the ones you now have in your closet.

1- You are not measuring your foot correctly

One of the most common mistakes is not measuring the length of your skin before entering the store. Most people ignore the length of the arch, a measurement from the heel to the instep of the foot (where we flex) and which should coincide with the distance from the back of the shoe to the point where the sole bends.

2- You are not tying the laces properly

When you tie the laces the shoe should be tight, not too tight or too loose. You must have two fingers between the eyelets. If you tie your shoes this way and you don’t feel your foot is sufficiently attached, they are not the right shoes for you.

3- You cut yourself off when you ask for a new number

There is a belief that oversized feet make a person uglier and that is something that does not help you when it comes to buying shoes. The fact is that we try to put our foot in a 43 because we do not go to what is considered as “big foot” even if it hurts us. If you think that one more number may be too much, choose to increase by half a number until you find the right one.

4- You give in to peer pressure

When you choose to have a friend accompany you, you always let yourself be carried away by his comments of the type “I don’t like that colour”, “that makes your foot too big”… You’re really looking for practicality so don’t be influenced by opinions that are not your own and stick to the model you’re most comfortable with.

5- You dive too much on the Internet

And so you find negative shoe reviews and discard them without even giving them a chance. Some pages try to give as objective an opinion as possible, but others leave a lot to be desired and are only based on personal experiences that do not have to correspond to yours. That’s why, even if you’ve read a thousand negative comments on the web, don’t hesitate to try on those shoes that initially convinced you.

6- You abuse the use of your sneakers

When you were happy with a particular model of sneaker, you realize that problems start to appear and you don’t like them anymore. Maybe it’s because their useful life is over and you have given a lot to running by ignoring the kilometers they have on. That’s why it’s advisable to always have a pair of extra ones to alternate and not make your new shoes suffer. Even if you are a big fan of a particular model, buy the same pair, your feet will surely appreciate it.

7- You are avoiding specialized stores

We don’t realize how much our feet are suffering. In many cases, especially for beginners, we resort to choosing a pair of shoes for training because of the price and not the quality. The web is very good to consult but it is always better to go to a specialized store and try on the model before buying. This way you will avoid many headaches when your feet start to hurt. It is better to invest 5 euros more if you are going to gain in health.

8- You set your expectations too high

Remember that the shoes are just a tool but they won’t run for you. Therefore, you must repeat to yourself when you are on your way to the store that you will not run more or better because you have better shoes but you will be more comfortable.

To buy the right sneakers, always remember that they must be comfortable and suitable for the activity you are going to do. This way you will avoid discomfort and having to stop early. Have you already followed these tips when buying sports shoes?

The best websites to buy shoes and sneakers


Buying shoes requires matching the size and making sure that they are not only pretty but also comfortable and fit what we want. Getting it right is not always easy and it means that we have to go to a physical store, try on several pairs until we decide. But other times we are very clear about what we want, we know our size and we don’t have time to go to the store we want. Or, simply, in the shops we have at our disposal there is not the model we like or need… In those cases, you can consult some websites to buy shoes online.

It is not always easy for us to find the right model of shoe if it is for a wedding, for example, or because it combines us with this or that. If you don’t want to go crazy looking among all the stores that are near you or if you want some shoes that are not in your city, the Internet may have them, you may have free shipping or free return.


Zalando is a German multi-brand store where you can find almost any garment you want. Beyond getting to know brands that are unknown in Spain, you can bet on the classic and well-known ones that are available in their catalogue, such as Adidas or Nike, for example. Zalando has clothes for women, men or children but it also has a wide catalogue of accessories and it is one of the best websites to buy shoes if you are looking for a good price or frequent sales in many of the brands or garments it has in its catalogue.

Another advantage of Zalando is that shipping costs are free from 24.90 euros so you will almost never have to pay to receive the shipment at home. And for amounts above this amount, the costs are 2.90 euros. The delivery time is 3 to 6 working days in case of normal delivery but it also allows you to bet on a fast delivery in which you will receive the products in a maximum of one or two working days and it has a price of 7.95 euros. In addition, the return is free and you have a total of 100 days from the day of receipt to return what you do not want.

It’s worth giving Zalando a try if you want to go beyond the brands you find in any store and if you want to go for different, high quality designs. Not only will you discover brands you didn’t know about but you can also find very interesting prices on their products.


Another of the best websites to buy shoes and one of the most popular for clothing, accessories and footwear is Asos. It is a multi-brand store based in the UK but with free shipping to Spain from 24.99 euros of purchase. If you do not reach this amount, you can pay 9.95 euros to have the shoes at home the next day or 4.95 euros for standard delivery which will take about four or five days. Another advantage is that it allows you to choose deliveries that will arrive the day and time you want (free for purchases over 120 euros)

Asos not only stands out because of its easy shipping and free returns for 45 days, but also because of its extensive catalogue with all kinds of brands. The store has its own brand with modern and up-to-date designs at a good price but you can also find all kinds of garments from brands such as Adidas, New Balance, Jack & Jones, Nike… In this case, Asos is focused on a young public and even has discounts for university students.

El Corte Inglés

There are two advantages of El Corte Inglés that stand out above all else: the extensive brand catalogue or the possibility of buying shoes but also any other product in the same order. Shoes and towels, shoes and colognes, shoes and books… Whatever it is, at El Corte Inglés you will find shoes of all kinds and it is undoubtedly one of the best websites for buying shoes for women, men and children. You can buy shoes from all the brands you know (or almost all of them) and receive them at home quickly. The main thing, as we say, is the ability to include in your order anything else you need so it will not cost you to reach the minimum order to have free shipping in a short time.

Perhaps it is not the most intuitive or comfortable site to navigate, but the facilities and methods of sending and returning El Corte Inglés are also a great advantage that make up for the small inconvenience above. For example, El Corte Inglés has a flat rate of 14.95 euros with free shipping for any loss over 15 euros during a year. If you’re not interested, you get free delivery with pickup at El Corte Inglés (anywhere in Spain) or 1 euro for pickup at Supercor stores or 2 euros for pickup at a Post Office. If you want it sent home, it will be free from 50 euros of purchase or 5.90 euros for orders below this amount. In addition, you have up to 60 calendar days to make a return to the store or post office or request a collection at home to take it away.


You probably buy everything from Amazon almost every day and you haven’t thought that it is one of the best shoe websites you can find. On Amazon you will find daily offers on shoes and you will be surprised by the amount of discount you can get on well known brands such as Vans, New Balance, Adidas… For women, children or men you will find very interesting and affordable prices.

The main advantage of Amazon is already known: if you are an Amazon Prime user you will be able to have the products at home for free in a fast way and without the need of minimum expenses. In addition, if you are not an Amazon Prime member, Amazon offers free shipping from 29 euros in its fashion section and you will also get free returns within 30 days of receiving your order and following the usual method. If you are looking for a model of sneakers that are nowhere to be found, try Amazon if you haven’t thought of looking before.


One of the best websites to buy shoes if you always want big discounts is Privalia. The main disadvantage of Privalia is that you will not be able to choose which brand to buy when you need them but you will have to adapt to which brands are in the catalogue according to which day, although you can also find a fixed catalogue with access at any time. Privalia stands out for having a much lower price than the rest of the pages with up to 80% in some products and you will find footwear for women, children or men. One of the advantages is that you can find not only shoes but all kinds of products: clothes, home, cosmetics, toys, technology…

Privalia allows you to sign up for a premium flat rate shipping service for 9.95 euros for three months or 3 euros on your first purchase. If you do not have a premium, the shipping costs will vary depending on the order, the seller and the type of product. If you don’t mind buying the latest and greatest, Privalia is one of the websites where you will find the best prices.


If you are looking for sneakers, the specialized website Sivasdescalzo is one of the most interesting options. Although it was originally focused on more sporty and casual footwear, now you can find all kinds of shoes such as boots, sandals or flip-flops. You can also buy clothes through this website and you will find the most famous brands and models: the latest novelties from brands such as Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Asics, Puma… The great advantage of Sivasdescalzo is that it allows you to find a selected offer of high-end products but you will also find limited editions that are not easy to find or vintage editions.

Delivery times are one to two working days for the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands and one to three days for the Canary Islands, although they also deliver outside Spain to Europe or the United States if you are far away. Delivery is made by courier and with a price of 5 euros for purchases of less than 50 euros but totally free for amounts above this.

Foot Locker

Any fan of sneakers knows Foot Locker, a chain with more than 50 stores in Spain in a large number of municipalities. But if none of them are close to you, it is one of the best websites to buy shoes if you are looking for sneakers of any type, size or shape. For women, for children, for babies or for men. The main advantage of Foot Locker is that it has been one of the main stores in this area for years and it has almost all the models of the most popular brands so it will be easy for you to find what you are looking for.

Foot Locker has a regular mail delivery method with about 2-3 working days on average for you to receive what you ordered at home. The price is 7 euros for shipping and handling but it is completely free for orders over 39.99 euros. The advantage is that you have all kinds of footwear products, such as cleaners or laces, with which to “fill” your order to reach the minimum.


Sarenza is a multi-brand store that boasts over 700 original and internationally recognized brands, with sizes ranging from 32 for women’s shoes to 52 for men’s shoes. If you are looking for a wide catalogue with many models, it is one of the best and it boasts more than 50,000 shoes for men, women and children. You will find all kinds of brands such as Geox, New Balance, Nike, Puma, Kickers or Birkentock and all kinds of shoes such as boots, booties, moccasins, sandals, flip-flops or espadrilles. You can filter by what you are looking for and find the shoe you want, order it and receive it at home as soon as possible.

You have the possibility of receiving all the shoes with free shipping with Sarenza Flash, an annual subscription of 14 euros and in which you will not have a minimum purchase in your orders and you will receive them within 24 hours. If you don’t want the flash subscription, the shipments arrive in about 48 hours with Nacex agency but you can also choose to have them arrive in 24 hours with DHL. Shipping costs are calculated at the time of purchase and are free for shipments over 29.99 euros. In addition, you have 100 days for free return.


Gioseppo is one of the best websites to buy shoes in Spain. A shop where you will find children’s, women’s and men’s shoes, but also their own brand of slippers for home use, Hot Potatoes, and an outlet with leftovers from other seasons at a better price. It is a brand of its own but in which you will find all kinds of designs in all categories: sneakers, water boots, boots, ballerinas…

The shipment is made through the company NACEX and is delivered within one to four working days after you make the payment. Shipping costs 4.95 euros but is free for purchases over 49.95 euros. In addition, it has free returns throughout the peninsula.


The French store La Redoute has been selling shoes and clothes for years. Before the Internet, it did so through a catalogue. And now it is one of the best websites to buy shoes or clothes but it also has a very interesting range of home textiles, furniture or decoration. The advantage is that it works with its own brands and you can find exclusive and different models from what you will find in other options of this list. You can buy shoes and add any product you can think of, minimizing shipping costs: sheets, coats, baby clothes…

La Redoute offers free shipping on orders over 29 euros. For those who do not reach this cost, the price is 3.99 euros for a maximum of 30 kilos or 9.99 euros for orders above. Returns are also free and you only have to request it and follow the steps indicated, bringing the package to an authorized office.


Merkal is a chain of shoe shops with more than 200 physical establishments but it is also one of the best websites to buy shoes because you will find a very wide catalogue with models of all kinds: boots, booties, high heels, sneakers, moccasins or even special size shoes. One of the main advantages of Merkal is that you will find quite affordable models if you are looking for cheap shoes that do not exceed 30 euros.

In this case, we have a delivery time of about three days which is done at home through Correos with 4 euros of shipping costs or free if the purchase exceeds 40 euros. You can also opt for delivery with collection from physical stores and you will not be charged any costs beyond the amount of your purchase.


Vinted has become one of the best websites and applications to sell clothes that you no longer use or that have been given to you and you haven’t even worn them yet. All you have to do is create a profile, upload your photos of what you no longer want, set a price and let them be interested. It’s interesting as a seller but also as a buyer because you will find a lot of shoes that are barely worn and with a much lower price than you will find in a store. It is common for people to buy a pair of shoes, wear them once and no longer want them. Vinted has an extensive catalogue that you can browse through to buy shoes from other users.

In this case, we don’t have to make an appointment with anyone to sell us what we want but we will automatically receive it at home when we have made the purchase and without any problem. In addition, it has a guarantee in which we can request a refund up to two days later if the shoes are damaged or are not as promised in the product description.


Who else has ever come to Wallapop looking for something they need? Because today, we can find everything on the famous platform. Like Vinted, in Wallapop we can find clothes and shoes that other people no longer use or have bought and have not come to release, even gifts that have not come to put. As it is a very popular platform, it is possible that you already have it installed on your mobile, although we can also upload photos and advertise or search for what we want to buy from the browser on the PC.

Both as a seller and a buyer, Wallapop has a section dedicated exclusively to fashion and accessories where one of the categories is Shoes. Therefore, that is where we should add our ads or where we should go to look for those shoes, slippers, boots or sandals that we are looking for. Among the millions of users that Wallapop has and the amount of users with active ads, we can surely find what we are looking for.

The way to buy is very simple, we can contact the seller or have them contact us through a chat and the payment is made safely. First the purchase or sale of the product is formalized, then the payment is made and when the product arrives at the recipient and everything is correct, the seller receives the money for the sale.


Zacaris is one of the most popular Spanish websites selling shoes. It has a large catalogue of shoes of all kinds for women, men, children and accessories. From the main menu we can access any of these sections, as well as the complete list of brands that we can find on the website in alphabetical order.

It also has a section of Sales where we can filter by number of shoes, brand, color, price, material, type of heel and characteristics to quickly see what we can find with great discounts and get significant savings.

Zacaris stands out for the great service it offers, with deliveries in 24 hours and free returns in up to a year. It also allows us to save our favorites associated with our account so that we always have them at hand and do not have to go looking for what we saw at a certain time and then it is difficult to find again.


Spartoo is another place to go when looking to buy any kind of footwear. However, we can also find all kinds of clothing, accessories and accessories for men, women, children, sports, etc. It has a large catalogue of products from almost 5,000 different brands and the most popular ones in terms of fashion and footwear.

It offers a search engine to make a quick search of something that we are looking for in particular, but if we do not have it very clear, then we can filter at first by category, for example Women’s Footwear, and then we will find new categories to be limited by what we are looking for, such as fashion shoes, sandals, clogs, flip-flops, ballerinas, boots, etc.


The very name of the website already indicates that it is a website where we can find shoes for men, women or children and where we can also filter by sport, brands or go directly to the section of Super sales to see if we find any bargain of our number.

Within each section, we can filter by foot size, color, brand, gender, etc. This way, we can quickly make a selection of what fits our needs or what we are looking for. It has sneakers of the most famous brands worldwide and offers the possibility of getting very significant discounts that will make us save significant money buying on this website. If this is your goal, don’t forget to go to the Super Sale section and check what’s available for your foot size, for sure you won’t be able to resist.


That said, although it costs a lot precisely because of its effectiveness when it comes to solving any look, if there is one thing the sneaker universe has, it is fantasy and open-mindedness, so it would be a pity not to take advantage of all that creativity to enrich your particular shoemaker with some of these styles of sneakers.