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Top 30 Hunting Tips to Be a Complete Hunter

Sure you have heard more than one and more than two, but the reality is that not all hunters follow them. If you want to be a hunter 10, don’t miss the opportunity to read and put these tips into practice.

The first thing you should do is choosing the right place to camp and get invest in the best camping destinations in Australia, USA, Canada, or whatever your country is. There are many occasions when you must camp when you go hunting, or the other way around.

1. Examples

Always follow the law. The number of hunts is always less than the established quota. Try to improve the habitat of the reserve so that you can take care of the animals. Do a predator check. Join organizations that care about the environment and hunting, and encourage your friends to do the same.

2. Be humble

Never show your shooting skills or dogs. Hunting is not a competition, you can learn from your companions at any time.

3. Lost but incomplete

Even if you like to walk alone, it is always good to know the area of ​​the reserve that you will pass through. You don’t need to provide detailed information on what you intend to find in the area or everything you know, just report it for safety reasons in the event of an accident.

4. Don’t be a teacher

It is possible that you have hired the service of a guide for a specific hunting event – of course you have to pay him – but remember that he is another hunting companion. You should even show him more respect than usual, because without it, you won’t be able to get to a good place on the farm, it’s called the palm of your hand, not you.

5. Never speak again

Especially in the case of companion dogs. Even if they ask you, do not criticize them, you can also express constructive opinions, but remember that they are their loyal partners, they have never failed and will not fail. He will give up your company, not his dog.

6. Respect hunting

If you are only interested in items that can be hung on the wall or photos, you can hang the bullet gun. Hunters must use hunting as an activity, including the chess pieces and the scenery they play.

7. keep calm

The first shot is the most important. Never mind. You can control the rifle perfectly. Kickback or bolt is not a problem. If you miss the first shot, other gunners will be even more dangerous.

8. Hear from the experts

Do not think that you are the person who knows best, there will always be someone who knows more than you. And you should not oppose these people, nor should you tell them what to do. If there is something that can give you knowledge, it is experience, and our elders are more than enough. Listen to them and you will understand your learning style.

9. Know your prey and choose your ammunition wisely

Before starting to hunt, you must fully understand the prey, its anatomy, preferences, food taste … everything. The most important thing is to choose the ammo to follow it. The ultimate goal of hunting is to prevent animals from being harmed. Except that you can use meat. On the other hand, it is necessary to ensure strong adaptability to the caliber, if you choose a powerful caliber, the recoil may be bad and the effect will be lost.


10. Check your device

Before the start of each season and the first few days of each day, check all equipment for accidental damage at the most inappropriate time. Take the gun to the gunsmith for regular inspection. This way, you will have more successful options.

11. Try not to shoot at long distances

Moral hunting is about giving opportunities to animals. Unless absolutely necessary, do not shoot at long distances, such as in wildlife management tasks, which is unavoidable.

12. Hurry, take your time

Don’t worry, we are not crazy. When taking on weapons and aiming them, you have to be extremely agile, but don’t worry. Hold your breath and wait a moment. Only when you are sure, pull the trigger. If you are anxious, you may lose the piece that gives you the most beautiful shape.

13. Adjust the weapon

You must think that you will not only wear winter clothes. Adjust the stock of the shotgun or rifle so that it is neither short nor long.

14. Hold your breath

Be careful when facing a rifle. If you blow air into the sun visor in winter, it will fog up, and such simple details can cast shadows on it. Hold your breath, aim at the target, and slowly release it after shooting. This will help you improve accuracy.

15. Try different brands and weights

Not all brands of ammunition are the same for all weapons, much less for each hunter. As the saying goes, there is no article on taste. Try using different ink cartridges or bullets at different costs until you find the one that works best for your method.

16. Don’t take it lightly

If you buy a used gun, don’t trust the first one. From the price to the state of the weapon, you must take a good look at all aspects. Before taking this step, consult the many experts you need. Do not make a whim, you usually make mistakes.

17. Beware of humidity

After hunting, if the weather is very cold, windy and humid, please do not store weapons directly. Let dry and let it rest for a while at room temperature. You can put it in the hands of the gunsmith later, but if you have done it before, rust spots may appear that can damage the weapon.

18. Pay attention to the wind

People always say that it is better to go with the wind, but this is not always effective, especially in stalking. Depending on the position of the animal to follow, sometimes it is better to go with the wind from the side, even if shooting is more difficult.

19. Investigate the terrain

A good hunter will kick the entire reserve to understand your needs, fence, steps and all. Even the place where the cow scrapes the tree. Don’t miss out on investigating terrain you haven’t studied before.

20. Take care of the meat

The game is over on the table, but for this, starting by cutting the animal, you must be careful and let it cool down as quickly as possible. Then in the kitchen, do not leave the meat in the freezer longer than necessary, so as not to throw it away unnecessarily. These fragments gave us life, and the least we can do is thank him by eating his meat.

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21. Don’t overload the area

The waiting position can be more loving than other positions, but you should not abuse it. Try different sites, you will definitely get more than one kind of happiness. Otherwise, the only thing that will happen is that the animal will never step on the area that it really likes.

22. Stealth

If the animal you are following suddenly appears at close range, do not act suddenly. Face the weapon slowly. Of course, the animals will also be surprised, in this case they usually stop for a while and use it.

23. Keep the sun behind you

Follow this advice, especially at dawn and dusk when the sun is lowest. If they face each other, they may be blinded and not allowed to shoot.

24. Be careful with your back

Follow your steps from time to time, some animals will go out to investigate what your smell is and you can find the best trophy of all time. Also, in “Minor”, some clips will go up as you go, pay attention to the sound.

25. You got lost and nothing happened

False survival myth
It may sound stupid, but you can survive in three easy steps: First, admit that you are lost and stay in the same place, and then do your best to shelter and protect yourself from the elements. . Build a fire at the end to avoid freezing.

26. Scope

When hunting minors, don’t forget to get close. Aim for the beak of the animal and advance the bullet pistol while shooting. Do not stop moving the weapon along the same path as the bird, so your shot will be more effective and, if it is lost, you can repeat the shot successfully.

27. Point your finger

This is a technique used by many sports shooters. They use the index finger of the hand holding the weapon to point in the direction of the target. Through this simple technique, you will gain greater precision because you will have a better understanding of the speed and angle that the workpiece follows.

28. If the dog does not fall into the sample, do not shoot

Even if you pick up some pieces, when you are hunting with your dog, do not shoot the part where the other party has not marked it. Therefore, the animal associates the shot with the reward for a good job.

29. Don’t force payment

Do not pull what the dog brings you. Instead, push it towards the dog’s chin. In this way, when pressure is applied, the animal will release it more easily, although the ideal situation is to release it by itself.

30. Open your eyes and shoot

The best way to bring the piece under focus is to keep both eyes open so that the dominant eye sees the animal through the focus and the other eye places it in the environment. It takes practice, but it is done naturally and consistently.